Large Boom Sex Fat Doll - Cosima(165cm | 5.41ft)
Large Boom Sex Fat Doll - Cosima(165cm | 5.41ft)
Large Boom Sex Fat Doll - Cosima(165cm | 5.41ft)
Large Boom Sex Fat Doll - Cosima(165cm | 5.41ft)
Large Boom Sex Fat Doll - Cosima(165cm | 5.41ft)
Large Boom Sex Fat Doll - Cosima(165cm | 5.41ft)
Large Boom Sex Fat Doll - Cosima(165cm | 5.41ft)
Large Boom Sex Fat Doll - Cosima(165cm | 5.41ft)
Large Boom Sex Fat Doll - Cosima(165cm | 5.41ft)

Large Boom Sex Fat Doll - Cosima(165cm | 5.41ft)

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Cosima is a figure shapely sexy doll. She can not do her best in front of the man she loves, properly "bow her head to show weakness", and let go of her stubbornness. Even if she can accomplish things, she will say "I can't", "I won't", "I can't do it" . Her showing of weakness and coquetry will attract men even more. When she "bows her head" to men, which soft and weak appearance is the sexiest in the eyes of men, because it will stimulate their desire for protection in their bones. The sexiness of women is generally irresistible to men.

No matter what time it is, her sexy is a powerful weapon that destroy a man's immunity. It can make a man raise his hand to surrender every minute, and protect a sexy woman in his arms. Cosima is such a little woman who can act like a baby and show weakness, so you can't resist any request from her. Would you like to take this realistic sex doll home with you and let her act like a baby at all times?

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Height Breast Waist Hip Cross Shoulder Arm length Leg length Net Weight Oral Depth Anal Depth Vaginal Depth
140cm  82cm 51cm 78cm 33cm 48cm 66cm 25kg 13cm 16cm 18cm
148cm  83cm 51cm 79cm 33cm 52cm 66cm 28kg 13cm 16cm 18cm
158cm  90cm 52cm 83cm 36cm 58cm 76cm 33kg 13cm 16cm 18cm
161cm  95cm 53cm 88cm 37cm 60cm 78cm 38kg 13cm 16cm 18cm
165cm  100cm 53cm 89cm 37cm 61cm 82cm 40kg 13cm 16cm 18cm
170cm  105cm 57cm 95cm 38cm 63cm 89cm 47kg 13cm 16cm 18cm



(1) Size for manual measurement, there may be several centimeters error, belongs to the normal phenomenon.

(2) We recommend buying as model item: You will get 100% same as picture dolls. As Model is with the same head and body size. If you choose the other height doll, you will get the doll with same head and different body size.

This is an advanced surreal sex doll with the following functions:

  • Areola, labia, and anus are superfine.Support oral sex, anal sex, breast sex.(Silicone Head cannot support oral sex)
  • The lifelike ball joint skeleton allows her to pose like a human, not limited to the typical up, down, left and right posture
  • Snap in and place the neck joint
  • Joint skeleton
  • Shrug shoulders
  • Seamless
  • Advanced quality of TPE, despite her fair skin, she does not look plastic at all.
  • Realistic, not only looks beautiful in photos, but also looks better in reality!
  • Perfect pubic position, suitable for lovers of dog poses or having sex in standing behind.

Flexible Skeleton

Cleaning and Maintenance



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Each doll is packaged into a plain brown box with protective packaging and shock resistant foam within. Depending on the size of the doll, the box may approximately 170cm tall, 42cm wide and 28cm deep.

We also offer a upgraded flight and storage case for a fee of $350-450 which can be added to your doll when selecting your variations option.

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