Zhang Bo and His Love Doll Story

As a kind of sex toy, physical dolls are hard for lonely people to talk about. However, in reality interpretation, they are going out of obscurity, showing their faces, playing roles in some people's lives, having names and even sincere emotions. Living with a doll is a profound manifestation of urban autism.

Beijinger Zhang Bo chose the company of physical dolls because of the failure of intimacy. At the age of 35, he had a marriage partner, but the girl broke up with him because Zhang Bo could not buy a new house. The frustrated Zhang Bo no longer looked forward to marriage, but hoped to have a child. He spent more than 15,000 yuan to buy the silicone doll "Sakura" and raised this 145 cm object as a daughter. In order to cultivate emotions, Zhang Bo, who loves the two-dimensional culture, began to see some protagonists as dolls and scenes set in the future.He dreamed more than once, and in the dream, Sakura came alive like Mecha Ji.

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For those who are frustrated and disappointed in intimate relationships, physical dolls provide a temporary refuge. At the age of 29, Beijing native Zhang Bo dated a girlfriend from Sichuan. To prove his love, he left the comfort of his home and moved to the basement where his girlfriend lived. When the economy is in dire straits, his girlfriend wears Zhang Bo's fat clothes at home, which saves money and looks good.Gradually, his girlfriend couldn't bear him going to the Internet cafe, packed two bags of Zhang Bo's clothes and threw them in front of the Internet cafe, and finally took them back by herself. When Zhang Bo was angry, he slapped his girlfriend and hugged him. He said that he finally slapped him. At the stage of discussing marriage and marriage, his girlfriend asked for a new house, but Zhang Bo, who couldn't afford it, began to wonder whether the other party loved himself or valued his resources.

 After breaking up, Zhang Bo once thought about simplifying complex love to pure sex. First bought an inflatable doll, he felt that the experience was not good, "a smell of bad water". At the end of 2015, he came into contact with baby friends on the forum, and took a group of photos "A Day Between Fluttershy and Uncle" with several baby friends. He felt a kind of healing from dressing up and caring for the doll. Soon after, he owned Sakura and later bought a Teddy doll.

With Sakura, the two shot sitcoms together, which inspired Zhang Bo's work. At that time, Zhang Bo, who was doing game planning, also shot a set of sitcoms for his own products, and these products were swept away at an exhibition. Sakura brought a happy and fulfilling time to Zhang Bo.

Zhang Bo is one of the few people in Wayou to speak out. He and Sakura have accepted many interviews and documentary filming. The baby is a "scientific but tragic way" to solve their own dilemma. But for the family, it may take more time to accept that the son may have to live with the baby. Until now, the father who lives with Zhang Bo is reluctant to talk about "raising a baby" with outsiders.

In recent years, Zhang Bo has had several relationships, but he still fears entering into marriage. He thinks that understanding dolls can help men understand women's body structure and resist temptation (of course, this is what the lack of sex education and emotional education should do). But when a boy came to ask him about raising a baby, he would persuade him to think about whether he could bear the price of such a choice.

Behind the relationship between the lonely patient in the city and the doll is the loneliness that is spreading in modern cities. A doll can soothe loneliness, but ultimately it cannot solve loneliness.

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Faced with the pressure of urging marriage, Zhang Bo firmly wants to continue living with Sakura. My friend's wife gave birth by caesarean section. There was a dispute between her natal family and her in-laws over who paid for the production costs. After the child was born, the family lived in the same place. Zhang Bo admits that he has low desires in his middle-aged age, and he is unwilling to spend time with others, and has to carry risks such as "houses, cars, children's education" and heavy life debts.

He still yearns for the child, and will live with Sakura for now. During the Chinese New Year, his cousin brought the child to visit at home. In order to escape from the topic, he went into the room and combed Sakura's hair with Sakura, and had an impromptu conversation with Sakura. This was the excitement of two people. When the guests saw it, they didn't say more.

Sakura virtually provided a safe place to isolate him from stressful occasions outside the door. However, he still feels empty when he sees the laughing and crying baby in the arms of his relatives.

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