Real Sex Doll Story

Before buying Nana, Tong Xing fell into a repetitively lonely and exhausted life. In 2016, he left his parents and worked as a driver and shipment clerk for an agricultural product company in Shanxi. The company mainly sells sunflower seeds and its address is in the village. He works ten hours per day, receiving orders, loading, producing, and delivering goods. At the age of hormone proliferation, he deals with iron-grey sunflower seeds, a 2-ton truck, and 8 middle-aged people with an average age of over 40. There was nothing to talk with them, he passed the time by writing some words. He wanted to find a little anger in life. It was early morning when he decided to buy dolls. During those few days, Tong Xing tried his best to compare the materials and prices of various dolls.

Almost in the winter of 2019, Tong Xing bought the first doll- Nana for the adult function. At that time, Tong Xing would not have thought that one day he would have feelings for anthropomorphic objects made of TPE. Nana has long brown hair, full bangs, and a round face, the type that Tong Xing falls in love at first sight.

After the lust was released, Tong Xing put on Nana's blue jeans, light blue shirt, and brown wig. When combing Nana's hair, the soft hair passed through Tong Xing's fingers, spreading out on the face and body that were infinitely close to the real person, which made Tong Xing, who had never been in love, suddenly nervous. He and Nana sat side by side, kneading and kneading like a young couple. Tong Xing felt, "If she can talk and communicate, it must be a great thing."

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Nana was placed in a single room allocated by the company and placed where Tong Xing would be able to see it when he woke up, providing him with an alternative sexual and emotional experience. There is a saying in the baby circle: The baby didn't ask for anything, so he followed you, can't you be nice to them? Tong Xing couldn't help but want to treat Nana better and better.

Two months later, Tong Xing needed to change Nana's hands because of job resignation. He carefully selected buyers on the post bar and made sure that they were not second-hand dealers. After negotiating the transaction, he sorted out Nana's unopened clothes and shoes one by one and put them away. The guilt lingered in Tong Xing's heart, he felt that he had abandoned Nana.

Later,Tong Xing's online shopping orders were almost all about Nana. Wigs, clothes, perfume... At first he used a few dollars of talcum powder (used to maintain the doll's body) given by the manufacturer, but later it was replaced with 30 yuan. Nana's body is fragile. Tong Xing accidentally knocked on her toe when he hugged her. He would immediately check for any wounds and touch her hair comfortingly. When sending Nana away, he also sincerely hoped that the next person she met was the right person.

China is the world's largest producer of silicone dolls. Adult products exist as a huge and secret demand, but most of the time, sex is still a taboo and a topic that needs to be kept in the dark. Tong Xing had 13 physical dolls at most, and he was bluntly told by relatives and friends that no one would want to marry him.

After selling Nana, Tong Xing bought more dolls one after another, even when he moved around to earn a living and was in debt with hundreds of thousands. Inadvertently, Tong Xing also opened up a career path. In 2017, Tong Xing opened a physical doll store in his hometown. He deliberately chose the address in a remote place. The store has two floors above and below. Tong Xing's own dolls are placed on the second floor and will not be sold.Before that, there were about 20 adult goods stores in this county. Tong Xing does not avoid raising children and his career, and tries his best to avoid the eyes of the outside world.

Tong Xing's only experience of love also occurred in 2017. Two people with similar interests and hobbies met and hated it. During that time, Tong Xing almost left the baby aside. This relationship quickly cooled down when Tong Xing proposed to see each other's parents. In the sudden indifference and withdrawal, Tong Xing saw that the girl hesitated about the identity and education of the two. During this 15-day relationship, he spent more than 2 years digesting and forgetting.

Today, Tong Xing still looks forward to a tacit, slow and firm love. He turned down several blind dates. Tong Xing doubts whether she is cautious about feelings for a person of the same age who has been in love for 6 episodes; a girl regards marriage as a staged task in her life, and she can live a life with good conditions. In November 2019, he shared an article "A Lonely Bachelor Tells Love So Thoroughly" in his Moments. He said that his respected writer Mu Xin was unmarried all his life. "He waited all his life and waited patiently. A terrible situation."

Now, Tong Xing rents a house with three bedrooms and one living room in the city. He, his mother, and his 5 dolls each occupy a room. He checks Taobao orders in the morning, answers questions from the player group, and goes to the urban park in the afternoon when the weather is fine. Take pictures of the doll by the lake.

After turning from a player to a seller, Tong Xing came into contact with more baby owners. There are more than 1,800 players in the player group of his brand. The players communicated how to take pictures and dress up the doll, and explain to the parents and girlfriends who found the doll. After getting in touch with a lot of divorced, middle-aged buyer who chose to customize a doll. "They won't find a woman casually to live. They will also start to choose. In this time slot, he will replace it with a doll."

The head Tong Xing's doll is a doll with long golden hair and golden earrings. This is the last doll he sold. In December 2018, in urgent need of working capital, he posted a doll on a Taobao store and prepared to sell it for 5,000 yuan. A single boy said that he wanted to buy the doll, but he did not have enough money. For the next month, he greeted and begged Tong Xing every day. Tong Xing was shaken and promised to sell him at a low price of 3,000 yuan.

After agreeing, Tong Xing regretted it and was about to lose money. At the same time, he would once again experience the guilt and the bitterness of separation when he sent the baby away. But he still packed the doll carefully, hoping that this consolation would be sent to the other party intact.


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