How To Discretely Travel With Your Sex Doll During A Business Trip?

Privacy and discreteness are things that you need to focus on when you want to take love dolls with you during a business trip. The truth is that you can actually take your sex doll with you as you travel, but you must be discrete about it. How can you do that? It definitely seems hard to do in the beginning but if you tackle it right, then the payoff can be second to none and you will appreciate the way it all comes together here.

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Wrap the sex doll in soft things, even clothes

The idea is to have something that will soften the bump or damage that might appear. As soon as you have something like that, things will be a lot better. Repairing a sex doll is always going to be hard, especially if you try to do that on your own. Plus, manufacturers rarely give you any good warranty, so you do need to have great care of it.

Remove the battery

The last thing you want is for your sex doll to have the battery on. If there’s any damage, then the batteries can get damage and that will lead to issues with the entire doll. Not only that, but the batteries themselves can bring in all kinds of minor issues. The faster you try to handle this thing, the better it will be. Yes, it’s definitely not simple and it will bring its fair share of challenges, but it will be worth it if you all manage it appropriately and you know how to do it.

Get some travel bottles with lube

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You can do that, or you can go ahead and buy lube locally. Either one of the two options works great, you just need to figure out what suits your needs. The truth is that it can take a while as you find the best approach. But as you take your time and manage these things, it will all be worth it and you will surely appreciate the seamless results and how great it is to use the sex doll with some lube.

Should the sex doll be in the check in or carry on luggage?

That depends on you. Check in can be great because you don’t have to face the airport security in the eye. Carry on will obviously end up bringing this issue, so it’s up to you how you choose to handle it. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal approach.


Traveling in a discrete way when you have a sex doll in your luggage can be a bit tricky. But you will notice these tips and ideas listed above have the potential to help more than you imagine. It’s definitely worth giving it a try for yourself, and in the end you will be incredibly impressed with the way it all comes together. As you do that, nothing will stand in your way and you can go through with your business travels while also having the sex doll whenever you need it!