How to Choose The Right Sex Toy

Admit it: anything to do with sex toys makes us giggle and wonder what it would be like to go home one night with a bag full of toys and what would be the reaction of the loved one. Sexologists say that using accessories as a couple can bring a new air to your life and that women should not use them only when they are alone. Regardless if you are a woman and you want to buy anal sex toys or anal toys, or maybe you are a boy and you want to buy fake pussy or vibrating pocket pussy, you need to know that you have come to the right place.

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In this article you will learn how to choose the right toy, according to your pleasure. In order to make the right decision, you first have to identify your fantasies. Some women love anal sex toys, other love male sex toys, so your fantasy will dictate the toy that you want to choose. For men, the most popular toys are pocket pussy, mini sex doll and cheap sex dolls. But there are also some people to love to have an adult sex doll in their home.

First and foremost, think about whether you are going to use it when you are alone or when you are with your boyfriend. If you want to use it as a prelude or for your games in the bedroom, it is best to visit a sex shop together, or, if you are afraid of being seen there, go to the website of such a store.

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One of the most important tips that sexologists say you need to keep in mind when choosing is, "Think about what makes you feel great during intercourse. Then think about which part of your body you like to have." "All you have to do then is find out which toy can amplify this feeling."

Here are the tips for sexologists to choose the perfect toy:

If you use it for clitoral stimulation, the easiest way is to choose a small clitoral vibrator. There are some vibrators that are fixed on the finger, others that are held in the hand. Search in profile stores. You will be just as surprised as me to discover small purse vibrators, in the shape of a lipstick tube, but also vibrators that look like toys - the famous duckling that you can find in any beauty shop and that will seem uninitiated to a banal bat duckling - or like brightly colored fish.

Sex toys are a way for women to get rid of sexual tension when their partner is not with them or a good way to bring more fantasy into their bedroom. But, as psychiatrist David Reuben remarks, "Sex is not sex if at the other end it is not a human being, with human feelings and emotions." It is up to you to decide which sex toy is best for you.